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Weekday Classes from STEAM Works Studio are focused on after School Science and Math enrichment programs.

The Math Beyond Schools program is a great fun class to challenge kids in Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. Or register for the ultimate challenge with Mathematics Olympiads with a STEAM Works conducted Olympiad team.

Our Math Phd professors have crafted and designed a hands-on fun and challenging curriculum for your child to get interested in problem solving via Math. Very different from a rote way of learning by repetition. Here it is not so important to score full marks but to understand concepts and try out challenging problems at your own pace.

  • Small class sizes of maximum 8 students
  • Students will experience Math and Science in a fun & practical way
  • Emphasis on understanding concepts rather than memorization
  • Provide course work for home and parent feedback
  • Practical and hands-on experiments
  • Participate in Competitions and Olympiads

Credit: Science Casts at NASA Videos

Our Courses

Geometry & Trigonometry Math Beyond Schools (11-14 Yrs)

Our Common Core Aligned Geometry and Trigonometry curriculum will help students build the skills and confidence that will help them conquer any mathematical problem and develop 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, and teamwork. And they’ll love coming to geometry class!

Calculus Math Beyond Schools (12-15 Yrs)

Calculus is not as hard as it seems. We just have a fun way of getting to learn it! Come and experience why Calculus is fun.

Lasers & Optics Physics

This Practical Physics program demystifies concepts of Lasers & Optics with a hands-on learn by making approach.

We build projects like Telescopes with lenses and experiment with properties of light. At the advanced level we understand and then explore Lasers and Holograms.