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What is Your Child going to take home?

The moment you drop-off your kid to STEAM Works Studio they are our responisblity. We ensure you that they will be safe and happy with us. There will be every day activities happening at our center which they get to take home.

  • Science/Art or any projects that they make
  • A checklist of the actvities performed each day
  • Report of kids behaviour all day
  • Daily Progress Report
  • Lots of happienss!

The daily

routine includes

Kids learn through hands-on experience and discovery. STEAM Works Studio provide a safe and nurturing environment where little ones can explore what interests them, take risks, and accomplish very big things in their life.

  • They learn to challenge themselves and acquire the necessary skills that help them grow through the early stages f development in the areas of Cognitive, Social and Physical.
  • Expanding social range of communication and learning Manners & Etiquette. They will learn to connect with families and their fellowmates.
  • Language development through stories, books, music, conversa tion, dramatic play, games and group activities
  • Nutritious meals and quiet times for nap or resting