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Shubhendu Das
Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Shubhendu founded Steam Works Studio in 2014 at Princeton, New Jersey and now with presence in US, CA, HK, AUS & UK has made a tremendous impact on thousands of K-12 children with hands-on STEAM programs and kits. Experienced thought leader for 20+ years as Engineering Director at Morgan Stanley and Bell Labs with extensive finance, engineering and software skills. With an EE engineering degree and several patents under his belt, Shubhendu believes firmly in applied (mission oriented) Science and Tech tinkering projects infused with the absolute joy that is the Arts. A hands-on leader that is passionate about equity in education for all, believes "applied STEAM" exposure done right at the youngest age leads to a deeper engagement, being resilient, developing broadminded thinking and being a creative problem solver.
Shanya Swaneet
Chief Operating Officer
Shanya is an engineer with a Computer Science & Mathematics background who nurtured and grew Steam Works Studio since inception in 2014 to the place it is today. A serial entrepreneur with a product development focus in mobile apps, STEAM kits development & educational services, Shanya currently heads up operations across all locations in the US and International franchises in addition to human resources & training. Shanya is a fearless and passionate leader, who firmly believes in hands-on applied education that leads to more dialogue and a broad-minded harmonious society. Shanya is also a licensed Pilot.
Sunil Mehta
Investor & Advisory Services
A visionary leader, successful serial entrepreneur and an active angel investor. Sunil’s first venture - Orion Systems Integrators, which he founded in 1993, and led to become a $100m company spanning offices in 4 continents. In 2014 he sold a substantial stake in Orion to Potamac Equity Partners, a P/E group based in Washington DC. In 2018 Orion was further sold to One Equity Partners (a JP Morgan Chase private fund) and is today valued at well over a billion dollars. Sunil is the Founder and CEO of Moofwd, Inc an EduTech company based in NJ. Sunil is a Founding Partner and board member at Optimal Business Solutions (ERP SCM Software). He is also the founder of Linus Ventures, an early investment vehicle and a secondary market investment firm. Through Linus, he has invested in Aviva Naturals, Steam Works Studio, iGreenEnergi, Fyniti, SuprDaily (Sold to Asian unicorn Swiggy), DNA Simple, Mii Baby and Tour De Sports.


Hernan Martinez
Chief of Programs
Electrical Engineer, Enterprise IT software. Previously Bell Labs and Wall Street Technology Director at Morgan Stanley
Susann Joski
VP of Operations
Inventory management, logistics, HQ and global operations. Previously in Ops and PMO roles at Goldman Sachs
Ruslan Kharitonov
Director Software & Systems
Computers Science engineer, Advisor, Architect, Technology Director at Goldman Sachs

Steve Dawson
Business Strategy Advisor
Strategist, Ex-CIO of the State of New Jersey, Princeton University alumnus
Kentarto Takatomi
Advisor and NY area manager
Software Engineer, previously, Senior executive positions at Morgan Stanley & Citigroup. Columbia University
Karthick Iyer
Advisor, Central North Jersey Area Manager
Computers Science engineer, Architect, Technology executive at JP Morgan

Amy Mclvaine
Sales & Marketing
Sales strategy. Previously Sales Director Dell, Siemens & GE. Wharton Business School
Kailyn Segovia
Human Resources & Training
HR Benefits, Training, Policies, Onboarding and Recruitment, Masters Rutgers University
Richard Naldoza
Lead Design Engineer/Fabricator
Resident tinkerer. Previously Engineering manager & Web developer at NYC Bank

Timothy Connor
Lead Design Engineer CAD & 3D, Maker Kits
Previously, Designer/fabricator in Toy manufacturing, engineer for 3D printing & Laser cutting companies