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Being able to use the Internet and operate computers is one thing, but it is just as valuable to teach students how to code. Giving students an introduction to programming helps peel back the layers of what happens inside computers and how computers communicate with one another online. Programming also teaches other important skills, including math and logic.
Have you ever wondered how a Web page works? Have you ever wanted to create your own Web page, complete with titles and text and graphic icons? Have you ever heard the word "HTML" and wondered what it means? If so, then this is great fun class for you.

Learn HTML and design you own website to be displayed over the World Wide Web. It encompasses a number of important elements including color, layout and overall graphic appearance and many many techniques.

We will look at the art and science of Web pages and experiment with a number of techniques that you can try out on your own PC at home. As it turns out, Web page creation is both incredibly easy and a lot of fun, and totally within your reach.